Welcome to Pathways Middle and High School.  If you are looking for the same old, assembly line approach to education that has failed you in the past, then Pathways is not for you.  However, if you are looking for a school that is innovative, flexible, and individualized for the particular needs of your child, then Pathways is exactly what you are looking for.

Pathways is different from other schools in New Hanover County because we have created an environment where learning is the focus and personalized support is a standard part of the educational experience.  Pathways provides a well-tested learning experience along with a highly regarded curriculum to ensure that your child succeeds. Our program will help your child fill in gaps in their learning, catch up in their educational lapses, and prepare them for a successful vocational or college experience.

The method of learning employed at Pathways has a 50-year history of success.  We are fully accredited in the State of North Carolina offering two distinct tracks for our high school students: Our College Track students receive SAT prep classes and take college level classes at Cape Fear Community College. Our Vocational Track students receive skill training and benefit from hands-on training specific to various areas of concentration.

Pathways accepts students from every level of scholastic achievement. We are a relatively new school, but we have grown each year due to our success with our students.  Word of mouth has been our greatest marketing tool.  Although, compared to the larger schools in the region, we have a small student body, our results speak for themselves. Pathways students, who apply to a college, have always been accepted, without exception. It is our mission to prepare students to attend college, should they choose that educational track.

We are excited about the many new students applying to our program each year.  It is fun and exciting to be a part of something new that is changing lives for the better.  Parents are excited becausetheir children, who were once behind, have now graduated and attend prestigious colleges.

For those students who select a vocational track, we ensure their success by fully preparing them to learn a trade.  We have been highly effective in taking other students who have fallen behind in their education and have helped them experience success.  College is not the only option for students and many students find success through other channels.  We give our students the courage to try new things, the faith to believe in themselves, and the encouragement to give it their all. 

Our highly individualized program helps in a variety of ways, as our students range from ambitious, self-motivated individuals to those who need continual extra academic attention. Each child learns differently, and our method has brought each of our students significant success.  We believe that there is no 'one size fits all' in education.

Every child, at some point, experiences struggles in their education. For those who have great difficulty overcoming those struggles, we can help. We have had great success with children who experience anxiety over school due to low self-esteem, being bullied, or experiencing academic struggles. 

We have a low teacher-to-student ration.  As our number of students grows, we plan to maintain this low ratio to help maximize our success in educating your child. We are committed to helping your child learn how to learn, and to help them succeed on an individual basis, providing a fresh start and a new chance to succeed in a thriving, individualized learning environment. 

We invite you to visit Pathways Middle & High School to learn how we can help your child succeed. Contact us today for a tour of our school. There is a better way.